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Officine Ghidoni SA since 1952

Sixty years has passed since Arnaldo Ghidoni and Giovanni Sciaroni  founded current Officine Ghidoni SA in  Minusio. It is been a long way since they first registered their Company as motor vehicle repair and metal constructions body shop at the Registry of Commerce in May 1952. The Company, which first was in Via San Gottardo, moved in Via R. Simen, right in the current Via Remorino. Here the Company had an explosive growth especially because of the Sixties need to produce heating oil tanks. At that time they were passing from heating their homes with wood to heating them with oil. As a consequence the need to store liquid fuel in underground steel tanks increased. In that period the available resources were very limited in every way. Nevertheless they had to face the huge market demands.

Even the Company legal form changed because it became a one-man company in 1963, after Sciaroni leaved off. In 1976, one-man company subsequently acquired the present legal structure thus becoming a SA – Public Limited Company – with a capital share of CHF 800.000,00.

Between 1971 and 1973 the Company moved to the current Riazzino seat. There the Company built the present warehouses in several steps. Nowadays, the area in which we are is a Cantonal type industrial one as proof of the great foresight of Arnaldo Ghidoni who made some right logistical as well as productive choices. 

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