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Company’s Carpooling

28.07.2013 - 15:30

Within the area of the certificate ISO 14001, the Officine Ghidoni SA, want to give a concrete contribution also in regards to the movement home-work of their own collaborators. This is the reason it takes part in the Dipartimento del Territorio project, of the companies mobilitiy between borders, to reduce traffic.

Currently 50 collaborators from Ticino, 29 from Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, 19 from Luino and other 6 from Como work in our Company. From the month of May, our Company has organised a daily transport service with special vehicles, so as to reduce the environmental load caused by the many frontier collaborators’ cars. We will also provide additional transport service from Intra in the near future.

Currently 9 people are using carpooling to travel from Luino to Riazzino and other 5 from Val Vigezzo. From the beginning of the month of March 2014 an additional vehicle with 5 people is operating on the left bank of Verbano.

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