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Enlargement of the new coffee roasting plants | Coffè Chicco d'Oro | Balerna | 2016

17.03.2016 - 09:00


Metal structure, façade covering and covering of a new warehouse. 

Technical features

The warehouse is divided into two parts:

Body A: width 18 m, length 38 m, height 11 m, weight about 90 tons, surface of the façade 610 m², surface of the covering 680 m².

Body B: width 18 m, length 26.5 m, height 25.5 m, weight about 95 tons, surface of the façade 1'910 m², surface of the covering 475 m².

We will build too:

A 26 m x 2.5 m internal boardwalk having a weight of about 5 tons and a footpath ground of 65 m².

Two external shelters for a total covering of 300 m².

Technical description

The construction of this enlargement of the coffee roasting is divided into 2 parts, both physically and  from the point of view of the modalities and timings of the assembly.

First we build the body A. The body A is a 10.5 m high building, which is assembled on free foundations and is composed of columns, main cellular beams and secondary I-beams.

After we assemble the covering, that is equipped with supporting trapezoidal metal sheets, insulation and covering composed of Kalzip aluminum metal sheets. And then we lay the ventilated façade, that is equipped with external Montaline staves.

Our TTR crawler crane is used as a mean of lifting. We had to consider the presence of a huge tower crane on site and the proximity of the railway in order to plan and organize the site. 

The body B is a 26 m high building composed of silos and already installed production facilities.

The type is the same as the building A, the only variables are the height and the presence of others pre-existing structures which makes this laying much more challenging.

In the body B, we first lay the ventilated façades using a hung boardwalk moved by winches, lastly   will be laid the covering.


Procope SA c/o Caffè Chicco D’Oro, Eredi R. Valsangiacomo SA

Engineering firm

LuratiMuttoni Partner SA Civil Engineering firm, Mendrisio

Architectural firm

Diego Ostinelli Architectural firm, Chiasso

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