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Expo 2015 | Milan

21.12.2014 - 10:00

Nüssli (Switzerland) Ltd. firm, which is specialized in exhibition infrastructures, received by the Swiss Confederation the contract to build the Swiss Pavilion.

Our firm, as a subcontractor, is building the façade covering.

Feeding the Planet is the theme of Expo 2015. We are building a pavilion composed of four towers containing water, salt, coffee and thin round slices of apple.

It is about a mixed structure composed of concrete columns, steel scaffoldings  building up the supporting structure and wood scaffoldings.

Our mandate is to cover the façades with opaque sheets, glasses and junction metal sheets.

The expected duration of our assembling work, for the main covering part, is about a month.

The working condition is definitely particular, considering the frantic pace of work in the building site.

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