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Pedestrian boardwalk over the Cassarate river | Lugano | 2013

New crosswalk

Nuova passerella pedonale sul fiume Cassarate | Lugano | 2013


Municipio di Lugano

Architectural firm

Sophie Agata Ambroise-Officina del paesaggio, Lugano

Engineering firm

Passera e associati, Pregassona


New Cassarate river crosswalk in place of the old bridge.

Technical features

COR-TEN carpentry about 17 tons, width 2.6 m, height 2.4 m, length 30 m with about 0.3 m central deflection.

Technical description

COR-TEN made bridge structure braced on the two flanks and on the lower part.

Provided with rectangular tubulars extracted from folded metal sheets, the walking surface has been built using seasoned chestnut wood 50 mm thick slats, screwed to composite beams. Side railings and a locking gate complete the work. 

In event of river flood, a system of jacks and hinges on the opposite side allows to lift the bridge about 1.5 m by using a side sluice gate and some slide guides.

Nuova passerella pedonale sul fiume Cassarate | Lugano | 2013

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