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Montecarasso-Bellinzona boardwalk | 2010

Bike and pedestrian path over the Ticino river

Passerella ciclopedonale | Montecarasso-Bellinzona | 2010

Passerella ciclopedonale | Montecarasso-Bellinzona | 2010


Dipartimento del territorio del Cantone Ticino

Architectural firm

Giorgio Masotti, Bellinzona

Engineering firm

Ingegner Giorgio Masotti, Bellinzona


Officine Ghidoni SA - Ferriere Cattaneo SA

Passerella ciclopedonale | Montecarasso-Bellinzona | 2010


The boardwalk is composed of two circular cross section battens supported by some concrete piers in the flood plain, and on the side over the Ticino river bed it is composed of an arch sloping by some radial suspenders. The footpath ground is composed of a wooden floor, while the railing, that follows the boardwalk gait, is composed of a stainless steel bar with some “pendini”. A led lighting system is inserted into the handrail.

Technical features

Total length: 200 m

Total weight: 210 tons

Central element length: 51 m

Central element weight: 108 tons

Technical description

First we produced considerable dimensions stumps in Ferriere Cattaneo SA – Giubiasco – and in Officine Ghidoni SA – Riazzino – in order to minimize transports to the building site, and, consequently, the environmental load. The flood plain side, that rests on some concrete columns, had been previously installed, as well as the supports on the two heads – Montecarasso e Sementina – that are placed over the submersible embankment. The central 108 tons total weight element will be jointed and placed at a range of about 40 meters from the rotation center of the Fanger AG firm’s huge crane, between these two heads, composed of three steel pipes different for diameter. In addition to the element to be placed huge dimensions, we would like to bring the attention on the complex geometry of the structure, that will have to match with the previously positioned heads, when it will be installed.  A special hydraulic equipment from Spain will allow to move the central stump, so that the footpath ground pipes and the sloping arch pipe, that marks this work out, could match. The crane will lift the above-mentioned 108 tons and will also move on the flood plain, in order to transport the element from the pre-assembly position to the final position over the Ticino river. The three elements’ main pipes will have to be welded while the crane will be bearing the load, until the structure result in a monolith.

Passerella ciclopedonale | Montecarasso-Bellinzona | 2010

Passerella ciclopedonale | Montecarasso-Bellinzona | 2010

Passerella ciclopedonale | Montecarasso-Bellinzona | 2010

Passerella ciclopedonale | Montecarasso-Bellinzona | 2010

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