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Bike and pedestrian path | Valle Maggia | 2016

Pista ciclopedonale | Valle Maggia | 2016

Percorso ciclopedonale Valle Maggia

Project description

Completion of the Valle Maggia bike and pedestrian path. An overpass has been built in Avegno and the FART former railway bridge has been modernized. 

Percorso ciclopedonale Valle Maggia

Technical description

Building of the supporting structure, the footpath ground, the railings and of back stairs of the overpass in the Avegno southern entrance that allows cyclists, who want to go along the Valle Maggia,  to cross the cantonal road.

Interesting is the reuse of the railway bridge composed of a trellis arched structure and built in 1907. It is out of service since 1968.

This construction is now completed by a steel auxiliary structure so as to support the wooden deck. In order to ensure the new functionality, the construction was completed with a railing  on both sides that continues even in the most dangerous areas of the bike path.

Percorso ciclopedonale Valle Maggia


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