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Bridge | Castel San Pietro | 1997

The new ̒iron bridge̕

Ponte | Castel San Pietro | 1997


Dipartimento del Territorio

Engineering firm

Balmelli e Filippini, Lugano


Consorzio Ferriere Cattaneo SA - Officine Ghidoni SA - Metkon SA

Ponte | Castel San Pietro | 1997


Mixed structure bridge placed by sliding it on some tracks.

Technical features

Height about 2.2 m

Length about 115 m

Total weight about 147 tons

Technical description

The bridge was built to replace the preexisting trellis bridge.

The new bridge was built by building some concrete piers and installing the main beams, which would have support the reinforced concrete flat arch.

The steel elements were assembled over the right bank of the Breggia river and installed by a specific equipment, exploiting the final supporting piers for the intermediate props.

Ponte | Castel San Pietro | 1997

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