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Bridge FLP | Magliaso | 2004

Double-track bridge

Ponte ferroviario | Magliaso | 2004


TPL Trasporti Pubblici Luganesi  - Dipartimento del Territorio

Engineering firm

PP Engineering SA, Basel


Trellis bridge for doubling the Magliaso-Caslano line track.

Technical features

Length: 31 m, width: 9 m, height 7.2 m

Technical description

Mono span trellis structure, composed of solid web sections, for the top, bottom and diagonal boom members.The joints were constructed by welding them to the top and bottom boom members.

The link between the joints and the diagonals took place in the building site and it is completed by using butt straps. 

A transverse truss, that is also used to support the railway tracks, keeps the two vertical trellises equidistant.  

The steel bridge was assembled alongside the preexisting bridge and then moved to its final position, thus no disturbing the railway traffic for long periods.

Ponte ferroviario | Magliaso | 2004

Ponte ferroviario | Magliaso | 2004

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