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Footbridge | Claro-Gnosca | 1997

Boarwalk over the Ticino river

Ponte pedonale | Claro-Gnosca | 1997


Consorzio Depurazione Acque Riviera

Engineering firm

Giorgio Masotti, Bellinzona


Consorzio Ferriere Cattaneo SA - Officine Ghidoni SA

Ponte pedonale | Claro-Gnosca | 1997


Pedestrian cable-stayed bridge on the Ticino river.

Technical features

Width: 3.5 m

Length: about 120 m.

Total weight : about 141 ton (excluding stays)

Technical description

Cable-stayed supporting structure provided with a metal sheet footpath ground and resting on the main beams, composed of solid web sections.

The pier is placed in the Ticino river bed and it have cable stays supporting the load on both sides.

Some corbels, supporting the footpath ground and the railing, were placed on the lower supporting structure.

Ponte pedonale | Claro-Gnosca | 1997

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