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Road bridge | Giubiasco-Sementina | 2008

Steel and concrete five spans bridge

Ponte stradale | Giubiasco-Sementina | 2008


Mancini & Marti SA

Architectural firm

Arch.Anna Maria Torcelli; Castagnola

Engineering firm

Passera Pedretti & Partners LTD, Biasca


Consorzio Officine Ghidoni SA – Ferriere Cattaneo SA


Renovation of the preexisting bridge by using a mixed steel/concrete structure.

Technical features

length bridge: 233.50 m

Arched longitudinal section having an average radius of about 2’865 m. 

Concrete flat arch total width about 13’360 m. 

Total weight building 500 tons:

about 320 tons of S355K2G3 composite steel beams

about 140 tons of wings for the S460NL fine-grained composite steel beams

about 35 tons of S355 steel laminated-sectional cross beams

Technical description

The beams are I-beams composed of a web and two wings (upper wing and lower wing), that are joined by continuous welding all along their length and stiffened by vertical plates (ribs).

The beams have been assembled in the workshop, they have been laid using a truck crane, on concrete piers and on temporary piers. Then they have been butt welded in the building site, minding the vertical curve of the bridge. The two main beams are linked by crossbeams equipped whether with composite section bars or laminates.

The central part of the main beams was preassembled over the submersible bank of the Ticino river and installed by using a huge truck crane, thus no disturbing the water flow and the fish fauna of the Ticino river. 

The two central beams, in correspondence to the Ticino river, are about 43 m long and each one weights 47 tons. These two beams have been ground-assembled and, in one day only, they have been laid using a caterpillar crane having a capacity of about 5’000m.  

Ponte stradale | Giubiasco-Sementina | 2008

Ponte stradale | Giubiasco-Sementina | 2008

Ponte stradale | Giubiasco-Sementina | 2008

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