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Railway bridges of Centovallina | 2015

Railway bridges of Centovallina | 2015

Ponte Isorno Fart Ponte Isorno Fart

Railway bridges of Centovallina in Intragna and Camedo – Ruinacci

After one hundred years of existence, these important constructions, characterizing our territory, need a structural adjustment so as to comply with the new regulations that have imposed a check of steel sections and their joints. In effect, the verifier has stressed how some structural elements had to be replaced and reinforced. The work carried out is minimal compared with the function done up to now by the construction. This confirms the considerable durability of the steel structures. Today, constructions that have just 30 – 40 years are renovated or restored.

Ponte Isorno Fart Ponte Isorno Fart

The FART has given this order, after a public competition, to the Officine Ghidoni SA in Riazzino, who proposed a cheaper, but also innovative, solution than the competition of German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Taking advantage of the concept used once building these bridges, it was built a movable structure with a suspended boardwalk that allows to access to the several intervention points of the trellis structure of the arch bridge and to lower the material to be replaced in the right point of intervention.

From the operational point of view, this solution is definitely safer than a traditional intervention made by double rope and local scaffoldings and it allows to work more quickly, wanting to minimize the nights of intervention too.

Structural interventions can take place only failing the railway traffic, so at night. Working at such height definitely demands high competence and effort to workers and huge responsibilities for the company that is determined to minimize the risk.

Undoubtedly this is a special project that allows the acquisition of niche competences for such works, since all the existing metal bridges will have to be checked and adapted to the in force SIA regulations.

The work began, as planned, early in July in Intragna and after the on-site refinement of the techniques used, it is progressing quickly and will be completed, as scheduled, at the bridge of Intragna, on 31st August.

The work on the structure of Ruinacci was made in November 2015.


Ponte Fart Camedo


FART, Locarno


ACS – Partner AG, Zurigo

Local management of works

Engineering firm G. Sciarini,  Vira Gambarogno  


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