Currently road links are indeed the main transport facility to move goods and people, before finding more efficient and less polluting transport solutions. Anyway, the most important thing is that this flow of traffic, goods and people could take place as safe as it is possible.


Road safety devices: design, supply and laying of standard and special elements for road safety such as barriers (Guard Rail), Vario-Guard, attenuators, transition gates and so on. In addition to the laying of elements on new road lines, we are also productive in the industry of rough barriers short time repairing, offering single services or maintenance contracts.

Bridge transition joints: the pavement continuity in the flyovers abutments is an important topic in road construction. The expansion of flyovers must be cushioned by specific joints that link the fixed pavement to the flyover’s moving pavement so as to disturb as less as possible the passing by vehicles. These joints must be properly designed, built and maintained because of the huge stress they are exposed to. 

Vertical signage props: in traffic management it is more and more important to communicate with road users. These static or dynamic signages of messages often need a supporting structure so as to put messages where drivers could easily see them. 

Attenuation devices
When talking about road safety, impact attenuator is something that often contributes to saving lives. The use of this attenuator is subject to obstacles that could be find next to road lanes and its effectiveness is closely related to the quality of its use of energy dissipator and to a correct maintenance over time.

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