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N2 Monte Ceneri tunnel lot 8899 | Monte Ceneri-Taverne | 2012-2014

Supply and laying of props, crossbeams and covering for cable trunkings

Portali segnaletici | Taverne Lotto 0020 | Ustra, Bellinzona | 2014


USTRA Ufficio Federale delle Strade

Engineering firm

Studio d’ingegneria consorzio ML13 IM engineering


Vertical signage reorganization and Monte Ceneri tunnel reconstruction.

Technical features

Carpentry 139 Tons, props, crossbeams and covering for cable trunkings

Technical description

Vertical signage gantries composed of various dimensions hot-rolled steel tubular.

The gantries non passable are provided with a simple framework and the gantries passable are composed of Vierendeel beams.

The surface treatment was obtained by hot-dip galvanization or by duplex treatment.

Construction and laying of 11 props ranging from 12 m to 41 m, with related cable trunkings. 

Construction and laying of 18 crossbeams ranging from 7.5 m to 10 m in the tunnel.

Construction and laying of 51 1.8 m x 4 m covering for cable trunkings metal sheets inside the tunnel.

N2 Galleria Monte Ceneri Lotto 8899 | Ceneri-Taverne | 2013-2014

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