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External emergency staircase | S.Antonino | 2010

Micasa–Sportxx shopping centre enlargement

Realizzazione scala d’emergenza esterna | S.Antonino | 2010


Società Cooperativa Migros Ticino

Architectural firm

Bruno Huber Architetti SA, Lugano

Engineering firm

Galli Michele e Associati, S.Antonino


Ground link of the escapes.

Technical features

10 m high emergency staircase equipped with four ramps and a main supporting structure. Total weight 2 tons.

Technical description

Construction of a staircase equipped with two 10 m high main supporting columns lacking of wall fastening, sides, ramps and flat landing provided with grid steps. Floor-to-ceiling perimeter protective plugging equipped with tubular frameworks and metal mesh filling. Panic door at ground level.

Realizzazione scala d’emergenza esterna | S.Antonino | 2010

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