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Ecodero plant | Regional Harbour of Locarno | 2001




Märki SA, Locarno



Vacuum system of boat sewage. 

Technical features 

. Dimensions 620 x 390 x 450 mm

.  Weight about 62 kg

. Supply tension 220/380 V 50 Hz

. Power 3 kW

Technical description

The suction is generated by a tubular membrane universal pump, which by a flexible piping  allows, if linked to the boat pipe union, to suck sewage up by the appropriate tank.

Sewage is pumped directly into the canalization by an appropriate linking pipe.

This type of system does not need an intermediate storage, thus avoiding the organic residues accumulation and concentration. Sewage is canalized, in fact, directly into the collector for sewage collection.

The pump is activated, by the user, introducing a coin or a token. To the coin or token corresponds a time of operation decided by the client. The user can turn on and off, at his liking, the pump during the period of time previously decided by means of a button.



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