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Underground waste-paper collection plant | Lugano | 2013

Underground system equipped with a 10 tons garbage compactor

Impianto interrato di raccolta della carta | Lugano | 2013


Municipio di Lugano

Architectural firm

Officine Ghidoni SA

Engineering firm

Officine Ghidoni SA

Impianto interrato di raccolta della carta | Lugano | 2013


Underground waste-paper compression system leaving footprint area clear.


Nowadays the market demands the improvement of the waste collection processes so as to make them  more functional and environmentally friendly.

- The volume reduction thanks to compaction influences the transports thus increasing efficiency. 

- The high demands of the municipality of Lugano have allowed us to develop a product with innovative aspects.

- Goal: The goal is to develop a simple and multi-purpose product in the waste collection industry so as to make the system even more effective.

Underground tank

- Usually the underground tank is built by using a prefabrication and excavating process which requires considerable soil movements and not negligible problems of transport and laying.

- The solution chosen to improve the process involves a self-sinking device, consisting in building an out-of-ground tank and gradually lowering it in the ground in parallel to the excavation.

- Dimensions:

Weight: about 100 tons

External dimensions: 7’500 x 4’500 mm H = 3’800 mm

Lifting system

- The structure containing the compactor is controlled by 4 rails.

- The vertical actuation takes place by 4 single-acting hydraulic cylinders.

- Trellis self-supporting structure.

- Devices for the link to the reinforced concrete structure, adjustable so as to minimize the interferences due to tolerances.

- Stainless steel sliding elements.


- The actuation takes place thanks to an oil-pressure flow created with an electrical pump.

- Electrical management of the valves.

- Synchronization obtained by flow dividers.

- Cylinders fastened at both ends by using joints.

- Check valves intervening in case of breakage of the circuit.

- Lifting capacity: about 25 tons.


- Roll off compactor.

- Single blade compactor activated by an electro-hydraulic pump.

- The compactor is straight linked to the platform so as to obtain a global management.

- The compactor is easy to empty thanks to the conical shape of the container.

- Dimensions:

External dimensions: 5’300 x 2’500m H = 2’700mm

Weight when empty: 5’000 kg

Weight when full: 10’000 kg


- Safety is the main theme in the product development, both for users and operators.

- In case of breakage, the platform is hydraulically and mechanically supported.

- Diagnostics and remote transmission of the system information.

- Certification according to the Machinery Directive (2006/42/CE)

- Minimizing the guillotine effect during the emptying phases.

Control systems

- The client has decided to include all the electrical components in an appropriate totem.

- The hydraulic control unit is placed in a separated containment tank.

- The platform is activated by a mobile control panel, that allows an optimal positioning by the operator.

- Optical fiber transmission of the main data, including the filling grade and the garbage net weight, to the operator.

Impianto interrato di raccolta della carta | Lugano | 2013

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