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Covering foils of the chimney tower – District heating plant fueled by wood chips | Losone| 2016

Covering foils of the chimney tower – District heating plant fueled by wood chips | Losone| 2016

Teleriscaldamento Losone

Project description

The covering of the chimney tower, of the new Losone plant fueled by wood chips, was made by using thermo-varnished  steel folded metal sheets, radially arranged around the perimeter of the chimney.

Technical features

The 20m high tower  has a diameter of 3m and is equipped with 16 flanges, radially arranged around the perimeter, thus fastening the covering. The covering is composed of 3 pack-fastened metal sheets, that reach a total height of 22m. 

They have a total external surface of 1'000 sq. m. and a weight of 37 tons.

Technical description

Our task includes the construction and laying of covering metal sheets: a masking system that consists of three metal sheets fastened on pre-existing radial flanges.

The design of each “slice” recurs for 16 times on the whole perimeter.

The central flat metal sheet is the axis of division and mirroring of the folded metal sheets laterally positioned. All is pack-fastened by bolts specially painted of the same color, so as to blend into the whole building. 

A section of the covering has an additional fold created to mask of LED lights.

Laying is made up of phases. First are laid the central flat flanges, then the folded metal sheets to accommodate led lights. 

Then will be laid the finishing metal sheets that will create the special lighting effect.

Teleriscaldamento Losone

Teleriscaldamento Losone


Energie Rinnovabili Losone SA - Losone

Architectural firm

Buzzi Architectural firm – Locarno

Engineering firm

Anastasi Engineering – Locarno   ­­

Camino Losone

Camino Losone

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