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Railroad tracks joint machines lubricator device | 1996

Lubrication of railroad ties and track joint machines

Lubrificatrice per mezzi d'attacco binari | 1996


Officine Ghidoni SA, Riazzino

Engineering firm

Officine Ghidoni SA, Riazzino


In the maintenance and preparation cycle of the equipment update, an accurate lubrication of railroad joint machines has a considerable importance whether in the machines quality maintenance or in the needed working time.

A worker can lubricate about 400/500 mm rail per hour by using the current, fully manual systems. Anyway – regular-paced – he can easily lubricate 4/5 km by using the suggested system, that performs ten times better than other. The small cart – that was designed for joint machines automatic lubrication – consists of a central tank that forms the machine main structure and that hangs just above a rail on two closed off wheels. On each side of the cart, two small piston pumps are arranged so as to ensure, through a leverage system, that a small amount of oil could lubricate a joint machine each time the cart passes on it. An operator activates the small cart and makes the device move forward, by using a customizable to his own body build handlebars.

Technical description

1. The about 5 l tank, that is placed in the device structure, allows to work for about 1000 mm. An analog level gauge allows to check the available capacity whether during the working or refilling step.

2. It is easy to start the device, even when emptying the tank, because a specific tank pump pressurize it.

3. A single operator can easily use this compact device, even when the line is operational.

4. The chance to vertically and laterally adjust the handlebars allows the operator to suit the device to his own ergonomic needs and by consequence to move forward quickly.

5. The device is equipped with lighting in order to efficiently and continuously work in tunnels too.

Lubrificatrice per mezzi d'attacco binari | 1996

Lubrificatrice per mezzi d'attacco binari | 1996

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