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Moving stage | Locarno municipality music | 1990


Palco mobile | Musica cittadina di Locarno | 1990


Musikverband der Stadt ZH


The areas reserved to the performance of enjoyable concerts are decreasing in town and current life’s frenzy does not allow to take these areas up for long. Therefore we built a moving stage that 3 people can assemble or disassemble in two hours. An ordinary lorry-track can tow it and specific police permissions are not needed. Its versatility allows to place it on any kind of ground and it is wholly furnished, particularly, for day time or nigh time concerts. 

Musicians are arranged on semicircular steps and have a perfect eye contact whether with the orchestra conductor or the audience.

Technical features

Maximum capacity: about 85 musician and a conductor

total weight: 9 tons

dimensions when closed: length 9’000 mm, width 2’450 mm, height 3’900 mm

dimensions when open: length 15’500 mm, depth 7’800 mm

Palco mobile | Musica cittadina di Locarno | 1990

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