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Alptransit door | 2007


Porta Alptransit | prototipo


It was a further important challenge to produce a prototype of the Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) security doors. We took part in this competition thanks to the cooperation of four more firms from Ticino. After a pre-qualification phase, we had to produce a prototype and to test it in same as actual assembling conditions.  The security door, placed on the cross passages that link the 2 “tubes”, had to satisfy a severe specification that, amongst other things, considered a fire resistance of an hour at a temperature of 1,000◦C. An about 4 months’ time to design and produce the prototype to be tested was challenging, because our consortium was very little experienced in this producing industry. We had not to give in and we carried out this door design that actually is a servo-assisted device. We produced even 3 prototypes, not to present the client a too faulty structure. We tested the first prototype for dynamic strains and the second one for thermal resistance in Lucerne Trösch plant, while the third prototype had to be used for the client’s tests. Unfortunately, we could not carry out our project because we were inexperienced and, especially, because the bidding price was pretty high. So the client commissioned the consortium who already produced similar doors for Lötschberg tunnel.   Even this business was challenging,  and unfortunately we did not had an economic upturn and we had considerable expenses too. In fact it was the 5 cooperating firms to completely bear the expense of  the prototype. Despite the negative result, we could confirm the great potential of the companies from Ticino. We played the role of project managers and largely of prototype producers, this time too.

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