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Frigerio building enlargement | Cadenazzo | 2012

Preexisting warehouse enlargement, facade and roof covering

Ampliamento stabile Frigerio | Cadenazzo | 2012


Poncini Holding SA

Architectural firm

Anastasi SA, Locarno

Engineering firm

Anastasi SA, Locarno

Ampliamento stabile Frigerio | Cadenazzo | 2012


Increase of maximum covering surface for material storage.

Technical features

Carpentry about 300 Tons, maximum surface 2330 m², planimetric dimensions 84m x 33.6m, building height 12 m.

Technical description

Structure designed to strengthen the pre-existing storage and characterized by the supply and laying of columns and trellis trusses composed of bottom, top and diagonal angular sectioned boom members, preassembled in the workshop, bridge crane runways, purlins and façade framework.

Facade and roof covering provided with insulated and transparent panels for a total of about 4250 sq m.

Outside the building and fastened to the wall with façade ties shelter for material storage; extension 33.6m x 5.5m.

Transport to building site of the assembled in the workshop trusses (9 pcs.): dimensions 28m x 1m, height 3.5 m.

Ampliamento stabile Frigerio | Cadenazzo | 2012

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