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Valcambi building enlargement | Balerna | 2010

Preexisting building enlargement and facades covering

Valcambi | Balerna | 2010


Valcambi SA

Architectural firm

Elettro Studio Nicoli SA, Lugano

Engineering firm

Roger Bacciarini & Co., Paradiso

Valcambi | Balerna | 2010


Preexisting building two floor enlargement meant for technical rooms.

Technical features

22.7m x 18.6m, height 17m

Technical description

The carpentry structure is linked to the preexisting building to create three rooms different from one another because of their function.

The work has carried out ensuring the maximum business efficiency. So it was necessary to work taking into consideration this situation, which has required a considerable design and coordination effort.

Insulation is achieved by boxes and façade metal sheets, equipped with plastic spacers to prevent thermal bridges.

Valcambi | Balerna | 2010

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