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Offices enlargement of Helsinn building | Biasca | 2012

Preexisting building enlargement, façade and shelter covering

Helsinn | Biasca | 2012


Helsinn Advanced Synthesis SA

Architectural firm

Mazzola Adriano, Sorengo

Engineering firm

Marcionelli & Winkler + Partners SA, Bellinzona


Consorzio Officine Ghidoni SA + Ferriere Cattaneo SA

Ampliamento uffici stabile Helsinn | Biasca | 2012


Elevation of a pre-existing offices so as to create new indipendent structure. 

Technical features

dimensions: 36m x 14m

height 4.7m

Technical description

The elevated metal structure rests on foundations running alongside the pre-existing concrete building. The structure elevates above the same building of about 4 m.

Therefore the structure of the new offices is independent and transfers the loads directly to the foundations.

The insulating façade is made of fixed to carpentry boxes, while the external covering is composed of thermo-varnished aluminum metal sheet press formed panels using some hiding attachment systems linked to the boxes with specific insulators.

This system allows an easy disassembly of the covering sheets if they were to be replaced.

Within the building, a stainless steel and glass staircases to new offices’ railing has been built too.

Ampliamento uffici stabile Helsinn | Biasca | 2012

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