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Wellness area & SPA Centro Balneare Regionale Fase 2| Locarno | 2013

Locarno bathing establishment

Area wellness & SPA Centro Balneare Regionale | Locarno | 2013


Aqua SPA Resort AG

Architectural firm

Moro&Moro, Locarno

Engineering firm

WITO Engineering GmbH, S.Gallo

Studio Lombardi SA, Locarno


CONSORZIO DELFINO (Officine Ghidoni SA + Franscella SA + Giugni SA + Vetreria Beffa SA)

Area wellness & SPA Centro Balneare Regionale | Locarno | 2013


New Wellness & SPA building equipped with an external lakeside multi-purpose area.

Technical features

Wellness & SPA 66m x 24m, height 6.4m

External Lounge area 735 sq m

External nudist area 340 sq m


Technical description

The building is essentially composed of a main body extended on a 24x186m planimetric dimension and a 6.4 m height. The external area has been divided, whether for what it concerns the purpose or the design, in 2 different areas: the 735 sq m lounge area and the 336 sq m nudist area.  The first one is a collective area that is characterized by some depressions where the about 1/2 m height is stressed by continuous COR-TEN metal sheets. This area is also darkened by some curtains supported by 20 stainless steel piles having a 80° tilt angle to the floor, and provided with sailing joints needed to their tension. 

The second area is allotted to nudists’ leisure activities and it is characterized by a pergola composed of columns and beams provided with COR-TEN composite corner sections.  COR-TEN tanks, assigned to bamboo growth, and a 12 m long tank, assigned to a biotope growth, determine the perimeter.  The external patio is marked by steel as hot-glazed metal, with regards to its aspect and its dark colour. While the interior design is marked by chromatically cold stainless steel, that outlines the interior finishes. 


Area wellness & SPA Centro Balneare Regionale | Locarno | 2013

Area wellness & SPA Centro Balneare Regionale | Locarno | 2013

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