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Multi-storey car park of Italian Hospital | Lugano | 2015

Multi-storey car park of Italian Hospital | Lugano | 2015

Ospedale Italiano

Italian Hospital Multi-storey car park

Façade covering and covering of a multi-storey car park constructed using anodized aluminum slats.

Technical features

The building covers a  an area of 42 m x 38 m x 16 m.  50 tons of steel were supplied and laid so as to create the plugging supporting substructure. About 4'000 slats, of which 3'500 are made of  aluminum (having natural anodizing surface treatment), and 500 steel metal sheets (having hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment) were used to create the façade and covering plugging.

Ospedale italiano Lugano

Technical description

First was laid the substructure that faces the hospital; later the external and internal slats and then the roof covering.  Metal sheets, that act as bumpers, were supplied and laid on the internal building perimeter.


Ospedale Italiano

Ausolilos Ospedale Italiano | Lugano


Consorzio Imprese
A. Lepori SA – Garzoni SA


Esoprogetti Engineering firm, Lugano


Tibiletti Associati Architectural firm, Lugano

Ausolilos Ospedale Italiano | Lugano

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