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Lakeside resort phase 1 | Locarno | 2008

Locarno bathing establishment

Centro balneare fase 1 | Locarno | 2008


CBR  Centro Balneare Regionale SA

Architectural firm

Arch. Moro + Moro, Locarno

Engineering firm

IM Ingegneria Maggia SA, Locarno


Beach and sport facilities are built so as to look like well-equipped islands surrounded by green.

Technical features

basic concrete body dimensions 23.5x4.2x117.5 m, volume m311’600

metal elevation dimensions 24x6.4x117.5 m, volume m3 18’000

Technical description

Basically the building is composed of a main body that rests on a 18.9x114 m area and it is 6.4 m high. All along the building sides, two passageways are built so as the user could walk by and see both the indoor space and the outdoor space, thanks to the glass walls transparency and the ordinary façade’s supporting structure. On the West side of the building there is the  ̒Slide tower ̕ composed of a steel-concrete mix glass covered structure. The crossing frames are rigid-joint frames provided with a hinge down the foundations. 

The main beams longitudinally arrange a slot with the frames too, thus making unnecessary a longitudinal bracing.

The main structure is composed of  columns made of RRW 400 x 400 mm tubular laminate, that is different in thickness depending on the area. Beams have been built so as to have an about 35mm pre-camber to aesthetically balance alterations that long-lasting considerable loads could cause. 

The lengthwise corner welds, respectively ½ v, have been carried out with an automatic submerged arc welding system. 

The facade supporting structure is composed of a horizontal solid web beam, that is fixed to the main structure, and of a pillar constituted of a 50 x 160 mm rectangular box section. This vertical section is made for supporting the glass sheets and to attach the mechanical fastening device for glass retention. It was important to spot and adjust differences by means of a control system not to have an amount of errors, because of  the considerable length of the building and the construction tolerances. So that end an anchor plate has been inserted in the slab. On this anchor plate a corbel has been fastened to carry out a longitudinal adjustment so as to balance casting plates positioning errors.

Centro balneare fase 1 | Locarno | 2008

Centro balneare fase 1 | Locarno | 2008

Centro balneare fase 1 | Locarno | 2008

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