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COR-TEN facades | Cugnasco | 2013

COR-TEN A metal sheets facade covering

Facciate COR-TEN | Cugnasco | 2013



Facciate COR-TEN | Cugnasco | 2013

Facciate COR-TEN | Cugnasco | 2013


COR-TEN type A steel façade covering.

Technical features

3 mm thick COR-TEN A metal sheets for a total surface of 110 sq m.

Technical description

Modular dimensions’ COR-TEN A metal sheet façade covering’s supply and laying. 

They are fastened to the wooden substructure with stainless steel screws and shim spacers to ensure air circulation.

In the kitchen and in the bathroom, supply and laying of coverings for internal walls are made of 3 mm thick COR-TEN A steel rough press formed metal sheets too.

Facciate COR-TEN | Cugnasco | 2013

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