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New AMAG Center - Porsche| Gordola | 2015

New AMAG Center - Porsche| Gordola | 2015

Centro Amag Porsche 

New AMAG Center - Porsche in Gordola

Carpentry supporting structure of the new center AMAG. The structure is equipped with roof covering constituted of fretted metal sheets.

Technical features

The about 5 m high building covers an area of ​​35 x 26 m. The total weight of the carpentry supplied is about 55 Tons, excluding covering metal sheets.

Technical description

The building is constituted by two distinguished parts having different functions. One part is devoted to the workshop, while the road front is took up by the exhibition area. 

The first part is composed of reinforced concrete masonries, where some plates for the fastening longitudinal of the 16 about 20m long IPE 500 beams, composing the flat roof supporting structure, were casted.

The second part is almost entirely composed of a carpentry structure.

HEA 500 beams, supported by ROR 244 x 10 mm columns, and bracings compose the horizontal roof supporting trellis.

The part of the curving façade is architecturally and productively interesting. The façade is  composed of carpentry made of RRW 200 x 100 x 10 mm, calendered and fastened to the columns tubular, that support the façade covering.

On the roof it was also supplied a 3.9 x 2.3 m trapezoidal section skylight, composed of folded metal sheet, equipped with frame, glasses, blackout blinds that are electrically activated  by security anemometer sensor.


Centro Amag Porsche 


AMAG Automobil & Motoren AG


Eng. Carmelo Rossini, Mauri T.& Associati SA Engineering firm, Davesco - Soragno


Arch. Pamela Prosperi, Immorestore SA Architectural firm, Pregassona

Centro Amag Porsche 

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