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Effluent treatment line update| CDV Gordola | 2015

Effluent treatment line update| CDV Gordola | 2015

Facciate CDV Gordola


Consorzio Depurazione Acque del Verbano


Studio TBF & Partner / Pawlowski Engineering firm

Facciate CDV Gordola

Facciate CDV Gordola

Project description

Construction of a new technical room that includes a steel structure and a covering.

Covering of 2 silos that includes an insulation, a calendered substructure and protective railings.

Technical features

Technical building: height 5 m, layout surface about 90 m2 and façades 165 m2. About 8 tons metal structure, covered with metal cassettes, 120 mm glass wool insulation and finishing made with SP27 corrugated metal sheets and stainless steel flashings.

Silos: height 8 m, a diameter of 15 m and the other one of 10 m, for a total surface of about 550 m2 to be covered. New substructure equipped with calendered angulars, laying of insulation and finishing made with SP42 metal sheets.

Technical description

We built two types of covering:

The new-built technical building is entirely made of steel and rests on a partially preexisting base. The exterior appearance have to reproduce the final appearance of the existing buildings: we opted for the laying of 80mm façade cassettes, equipped with a 120mm shaped glass wool insulation and covered with Montana SP27 corrugated metal sheets. All the fastenings and flashings are made of stainless steel. It was necessary to dispose several steps for the technical installations in the façades, creating specific shaped finishing cassettes made of stainless steel. The building is completed by the laying of the main entrance door.

Special care has been given to the adjustment to the circular surface of the in contact existing silo.

A Different technique has been used to cover the six silos: the concrete structures were already present, so a substructure, equipped with calendered angular, was laid. The calendered angulars are fastened with thermally separated punctual elements, so as to minimize thermal bridges. 80 mm EPS insulation on the entire surface and laying of Montana SP42 corrugated metal sheets, as all the silos of the plant.

For an already existing element, we have beforehand removed and disposed of the old covering made of Eternit sheets.

1100 mm high, calendered and galvanized,  protective railings were installed in both silos.



Facciate CDV Gordola

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