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Schindler | Locarno | 2011

Three floor building structural carpentry

Schindler | Locarno | 2011


Schindler Elettronica SA

Architectural firm

Pianifica SA, Locarno

Engineering firm

Monotti SA, Locarno


Trellis roof truss set against two side corbel and a central composite column that supports the floors for preexisting building enlargement.

Technical features

Carpentry weight 54 Tons, length 41.5m, height 9.3m

Technical description

The whole structure is made of sections composed of metal sheets and it has been welded in the workshop.

The truss centrally supports three slabs and it is placed within two concrete gables. 

It was built by assembling some sections composed of welded metal sheet.

The preassembly in the workshop has been divided into two stumps which were later reassembled in the building site.

This system has considerably reduced the logistical needs and the working time in the building site.

Two crane pulls were needed to place the preassembled truss. 

Some connectors electro-welded to the steel structure ensure the collaboration between the concrete structure and the central steel truss.

This solution allowed to optimize the use of spaces as it has minimized the need of intermediate shoring.

Schindler | Locarno | 2011

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