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Primary school | Cadenazzo| 2015

Primary school | Cadenazzo| 2015

Scuole elementari Cadeanzzo

Primary school, Cadenazzo

Covering composed of thermal insulation, substructure and façades plugging finishing.

Technical features

The required architectural design provides for some joints of 15 and 25 mm between the metal sheets depending on the corresponding part of the façade to be built.

This request has certainly generated a great precision effort of tracking and installation of the substructure and the façade’s metal sheets.

We also supplied and laid window intradoses, covers, cavities for shade rollers, electric plates savings, light supports, flashing lights, siren and surveillance cameras. 

Technical description

The design techniques requests, defined by the Architectural Firm, have the following features:

- Substructure composed of thermo varnished, 2 mm thick, aluminum, L metal sheets, that are vertically and horizontally arranged, thus creating a ventilation gap between the insulation, mechanically fastened to the perimeter reinforced concrete walls, and the façades plugging metal sheets.

-Streck metal thermo varnished finishing metal sheets mechanically fastened to the substructure.

- Doors and windows  side metal sheets and thermo varnished 2 mm thick aluminum roof covers.

- Insulated and waterproof  one scale roof, covered by streck metal thermo varnished metal sheets, laid on secondary support structures.

- Laying of bulletin board and defibrillator, both equipped with related custom-made frames.

Scuole elementari Cadeanzzo


Cadenazzo municipality

Contractor  management 

Angelo Vitali Architectural Firm

Architectural firm 

Orsi Associati Architectural Firm

Scuole elementari Cadeanzzo

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