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AIL substation | Manno | 2013

Enlargement of the control building and covering of its façade and roof


Aziende industriali di Lugano (AIL) SA

Engineering firm

Giani e Prada SA, Lugano


Sottostazione AIL | Manno | 2013


Elevation of a pre-existing building so as to create new offices. 

Technical features

Carpentry 27.5 Tons, planimetric dimensions 29 m x 6.5 m, building height 3.5 m

Technical description

Construction  of an steel main framework, an external covering equipped with insulating panels, a roof covering constituted of fretted metal sheets, an internal fire escape, a staircase to the roof and a covering for cable trunkings.

Sottostazione AIL | Manno | 2013

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