The construction of industrial systems motivated tank and building industries’ professionals.


Industrial fluid and gas pipes: the construction of multi-purpose pipes, metal pipes especially, that are always guaranteed by a high quality standard whether for civil or industrial systems. These pipes are designed for safe fluid and gas canalization for chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industries. The materials used range from the law-alloy carbon steel to the nickel-chromium steel.

Finished systems: in addition to pipes we are able to design and build different kinds of systems by linking pipes, valves, pumps and so on, thus obtaining the whole management of processes.

Aqueduct and purification plants elements: the use of stainless steel in many alloying combinations is certainly the best and healthiest solution for the treatment of drinking water. This metal is also ideal to the post-treatment of water because it is chemical agent resistant. The maintenance of stainless steel pipes and tanks constitutes an insignificant expense compared to the plant lifetime.

The construction of tanks was our Company’s starting business. This fundamental business made our Company grow and face various challenges.


Tanks and cylindrical and prismatic containers: chemical products especially are stocked into tanks that can be placed in underground or out-of-ground chambers. A typical function was and still is combustible fuel storage, to a small extent. 

Silos and hoppers: powdered substances are often stocked or conveyed in many different shape and metal containers or conveyors. The assembly in the building site and the easy adaptability and maintenance are the reason why to choose metal.

Containers in the large: the basically limited weight and the easy adaptability to formal requirements, even of single elements, make metal containers the best solution especially for the containment of considerable dimension elements.

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