Techniques and processes

"Quality, competence and flexibility are our prerogatives".

Company philosophy

Officine Ghidoni was born in Minusio in 1952 becoming expert at producing fuel oil tanks, an extremely widespread product, mainly in the 70s, that had a leading role in the Company growth.

Nowadays Officine Ghidoni is the leading Company in the heavy metal carpentry industry in the Canton of Ticino, that is its primary target market, and it diversify its production including metal carpentry, prefabricated warehouses, tanks, containers and welded manufactures.

The Company is based on solid ground and its future looks solid too. This future is not just in work, but in environmental respect and sustainable development as well and mainly. So we openly talk about EcoSteel, "the steel that we mould is 100% recyclable material, from the individual little supply, to the kilometers of sound barriers down the highways".

The Company's staff is highly skilled. Professionalism and flexibility allow to follow the client from the design to the construction suggesting some high technological level solutions in obedience to the delivery dates.

In the last 60 years Officine Ghidoni joined all the steel structure most important projects carried out in Ticino. Thanks to its ability to adapt to many and a need and to the strength of the synergies and of the established among the collaborators team spirit, staff moves more and more towards an  ̒all-inclusive supply’ idea for the Client, basing all their work on the development of the chain: design-process-product.

So the Company philosophy focus on offering a finished product, that comes from an accurate, aesthetic and style research, and that combines with the attention to those innovation processes that transform the industrial design on the whole. The adaptation to new technologies, to the dynamics of the markets’ evolution and to the environmental features determines the growth trajectories of each project. Learning to manage innovation-related variables and client specific demands, Officine Ghidoni SA guarantees the necessary competitiveness and dynamism in order to be successful in the contemporary market, making high quality works. 


The long-lasting business of our Company and the continuous-increase of employees’ number and skills allowed us to constantly grow, even by managing important projects that left a mark on the cantonal area. Our Company has always played a leading role, even when we were manufacturing objects working in a consortium, thanks to our successful strategic choices, too. Design and quality control, that are basic elements to determine the success of a project and the satisfaction of our clients, are a considerable value-added that we always take into consideration.


In addition to standard skills in the industry of steel constructions, that are fundamental conditions for us to work, our Company focused on some processes mostly. Welding technique is for us a key skill to ensure quality and durability of our supporting structures. A good knowledge of metal and its treatment processes is essential to manufacture flawless works.

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